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Generation No. 1 1. Joseph Little1 WILLIAMS1 was born 9 Jul 1816 in Onondaga County, NY2, and died 21 Jun 1895 in At Home, Walnut St., Jefferson, Ashtabula, Ohio3. He married Amanda M. HATHAWAY4,5 17 Oct 18486, daughter of Elisha HATHAWAY and Susannah WILCOX. Notes for Joseph Little WILLIAMS: Joseph Williams was related to David Williams, who captured Major Andre. {Source: 5} ================================================================ Death not recorded in Probate Court Death Records. Death Certificate not obtainable. {Source: 6} ================================================================ Ashtabula June 22, 1895 Dear Mrs Williams You can't rid announcing the death of our old friend. Myself and Family deeply Symphize with you in the loss of your kind Husband. In our long and pleasant acquaintance with your family Mr Williams was always the same kind warm hearted man and we shall always respect his memory. May God sustain and cheer you in your great sorrow If weather is good we will attend the funeral. your old friend Geo Ford NOTES: Original document in possesion of Stacey Lynn Croft. Transcribed in the year 2000, by Stacey Lynn Croft. Believed to be written about Joseph Little Williams, died 21 June 1895 in Jefferson, Ashtabula, Ohio. ================================================================ Jefferson Mar.2d My Dear Children Your letter read am so sorry you are having your troubles only wish your ills were as Eaisly gotten rid of as the bugs a nickles worth of larkspur will fix them all right with and all Sciatica is one of the worst kind of rhumatism simply have got to wear it out and fight the drawing up of the leg mother would have been crippled if it had not been for her determ ination. This is my eighteenth week in bed had got so I could sit up an hour was walkin with a back set Sunday am better to day hope to improve from now on Mrs Lampson has offered to loan me her wheel chair Mrs. S- is going after it as soon as the weather gets better so I wont catch cold. things have been going fast and furious here so much I want to tell you if my strength only holds out. Joe Lee passed on Lincolns birth day the following Friday my friend Mrs. Clawson (Joes Sister) died in Mont. Mr Wagners youngest son went to spokane they got a letter from him saying he arrived safely (he drove thru) in two days they got a wire his body was coming to be buried by his Mother when it arrived he had been shot in the left eye close to the nose the young Bremamon boy the married one was in a bad accident Jada Hamilton was going to Ashtabula with him his car was smashed to smitherines. Ezra Porter is holding down two jobs silling coal in Eaglesville days and firing in the green houses up here nights. There has been sickness in most every house around here Kathaline was in bed a month. Roxy has been sick all winter looks like a picked chicken even I have lost my hips. Mrs. Prentice is misserable I dont know what I would do without her she has been down here so much this win ter she and Wagner and mrs Sheets have stood right by us. I got the book enjoyed it very much many than ks I am crazy to read the Presidents Daughter China was agoing to sent it to me then there is another book on the Negro question I see articles about it in the daily paper. Joe phoned last night he was coughing said he had been having pneumonia so I have that to worry about. Here comes my dinner so will ring off hoping to hear from you very soon much love to All Mother NOTES: Original document in possesion of Stacey Lynn Croft. Transcribed in the year 2000, by Stacey Lynn Croft. Underlined words and/or letters are unreadable. - see printed copies for underlined words as undelines are not possible with this program. Believed to be written by a relative of Joseph Little Williams (maybe his mother), in Ohio. Joseph died in June 1895 and I believe this letter was written in March of the same year. ================================================================ JOSEPH WILLIAMS died at his home, on Walnut street in Jeffer- son, after several weeks of illness, on Friday, June 21, 1895. He was born in Onondaga Co., N.Y., July 9, 1816. The family removed from there to Lenox, Ashtabula Co., March 20, 1819; where they resided a few years, afterwards removing to Jefferson, where he has since made his home. He was married to Amanda M. Hathaway, Oct. 17, 1848. His wife and one daughter, Mrs. I. H. Welch, of Buffalo, N.Y., survive him. NOTE: Ashtabula Sentinel. Dated: 27 June 1895. {Source: 7} Notes for Amanda M. HATHAWAY: Variation of First Name: Anne {Source: 2} Age At Death: 94 y's, 2 mo's, 14 d's {Source: 4} Retired {Source: 4} Widowed {Source: 4} Cause Of Death: Broncho Pneumonia Contributory: Atioplic Myocardit? {Source: 4} Burial: 4 Jan 1923, Jefferson {Source: 4} Child of Joseph WILLIAMS and Amanda HATHAWAY is: 2 i. Mary (Tisan?) S.2 WILLIAMS, born 17 Oct 1853 in Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH; died 20 May 1928 in Village Of Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH. She married Isaac Henry WELCH 17 Oct 1873. SOURCES - WILLIAMS GENEALOGY 1) Family Records, in possesion of George Sinsel Croft. 2) Newspaper Obituary Notice for Amelia Barbara Welch. 3) Uncertified copy of Certificate Of Death for Mary Welch. Obtained from Ohio Historical Society, 1982 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497. (Copy in possesion of Stacey Lynn Croft). 4) Uncertified copy of Certificate Of Death for Amanda H. Williams. Obtained from Ohio Historical Society, 1982 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497. (Copy in possesion of Stacey Lynn Croft). 5) Information told to Terri Charlotte Croft, by George N. Welch, 1997. 6) Letter to Stacey Wright, from May Colling - Researcher for Ashtabula County Genealogical Society. (Copy in possesion of Stacey Lynn Croft). 7) Newspaper Obituary Notice for Joseph Williams. Ashtabula Sentinel. Dated: 27 June 1895. (Copy in possesion of Stacey Lynn Croft).