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Descendants of Charles (Johnsonbaugh) Johnstonbaugh Generation No. 1 1. Charles (Johnsonbaugh)1 Johnstonbaugh1,2 was born in Centre County, PA3. He married Mary (Mollie) Rachael Lyon s4,5,6, daughter of Shuman Lyons and Catharine Young. Notes for Charles (Johnsonbaugh) Johnstonbaugh: Charles Johnstonbaugh and his wife, Mary Rachel Lyons (called Molly), lived in the country in Lyons Town, Pennsylvania. Lyons Town, located in the mountains, was near Bellefonte, PA. Charles was a carpenter and built that house in the Lyons Town mountains. He was a huge man, built sturdy. His grandaughter, Mary Jane Eckley, was intimidated by his size but always remembered the moustache he wore. Mary Jane remembers her grandpa & grandma, whom she called pop-pop and mom-mom. She carries special memories of her "mom-mom", Mary Rachel, as being kind and gentle with a soft voice and pretty blue eyes. She remembers that Mary Rachel almost always attended church services in Curtain, PA and Mary Jane thought of her as a saint. On their homestead in the mountains Charles and Mary Rachel had a garden and cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and crab apples. From these things came their meats, milk, eggs, and jams & jellies. Huckleberries were picked in the mountains. Types of transportation were walking and horse & buggy. Mary Rachel Lyons Johnstonbaugh had a bed that had straw sewn in (this was called ticking). The pillows were filled with duck feathers (called downy); sometimes chicken feathers were used. She washed her clothes out in a wooden tub and scrubber, with homemade laundry soap (lye). Hand & body soap was palmolive: bought from a store. Mary Jane Eckley used to go to her grandparents house a lot in the summer months. The road to that place was dirt. Henry Claire & Verna Irene Johnstonbaugh Eckley, who lived in Lewistown, used to drive Mary Jane over "the seven mountains" to get there. It was a lonely place for Mary Jane, at her grandparents house. (Source: 4). Occupation: Carpenter (Source: 1). Died: before 22 November 1956 (Source: 3). Notes for Mary (Mollie) Rachael Lyon s: Usual Residence: Bellefonte R D 3, Spring Township, Centre County, PA. Not a farm. (Source #3). Age At Death: 93 ys. (Source #3). Usual Occupation: Housewife (Source #3). Informant: Henry Lyons, E. Howard St., Bellefonte, PA (Source #3). Immediate Cause Of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage (Source #3). Due To: General Arteriosclerosis (Source #3). Time Of Death: 11:15 am (Source #3). Type Of Removal: Burial (Source #3). Funeral Director: ? L. Wetzler, Bellefonte, PA (Source #3). Buried: 25 November 1956, Eagles Cemetery, Boggs, Centre County, PA (Source #3). Child of Charles Johnstonbaugh and Mary s is: 2 i. Verna Irene2 Johnstonbaugh, born 28 Sep 1893; died 18 Jan 1950. She married Henry Claire Eckley 24 Mar 1917.